About Me

Experience.     Skills.     Passion.

Hello.  I’m Penny Lough,
owner of Hummingbird Design,
and I’m not your typical Web Designer.

Before I started Hummingbird Design, I was a corporate IT Project Manager with 20 years’ experience. I’ve handled successful IT projects with million dollar budgets and teams of 20+ people.

My background in IT operational management and project management means that you get a website designed and built where:

  • nothing is wasted. I’m used to working to strict timeframes and budgets
  • the site’s structure is scaleable, extensible and easy for you to maintain so your site can grow with you
  • User Experience is at the forefront of design so your sits is easy and engaging for your customers
  • your website is just one part of a personalised digital strategy to help you achieve your business goals

I’ve worked for Westpac, The Financial Times, King & Wood Mallesons Law Firm and Rothschilds, managing; Major Projects, Operational Teams, In-sourcing, Out-sourcing,  Business Analysis, Service Level Creation, IT Risk Management and Change Management, and this experience means I offer a specialist’s perspective on your digital strategy. If your business has hit a plateau or sticking point, I can create a digital strategy and website that propels you forward again.

Working with me on the online presence of your business gives you back the time to focus on the work you love and offers you support in realising your business goals.

If you’re a new business owner about to launch your brand online:

If you’re a new business owner about to launch your brand online:

I am a small business owner working with other small businesses, so I understand what it’s like when you’re starting out. You’re doing everything yourself and budget may be tight.

I can help you through all the steps to work out your digital strategy as well as design and build your website, organise hosting and professional emails. My affordable website packages include everything you need to get your business online.

If you want to get online quickly, I can set up a simple landing page that acts as your online brochure and lead generation tool while we work on your full-feature website.

If you have an established business and you want more from your online presence:

If you have an established business and you want more from your online presence:

I encourage you to demand more from your website. More WOW, more engagement with clients, a more authentic representation of your brand, more revenue generated and more bang for your buck.

Perhaps you started out with a basic website when you first launched; now your brand is successful and you have outgrown your first website. Or perhaps your brand has evolved as your business grew, and you need a new website that speaks to your new target customers. If you need to create a complete digital strategy for the next growth stage of your business, I can help.

My consultation process starts by focusing on your unique value proposition, what is it that makes your business shine, why do your clients love you and what is it that keeps you going. Together we’ll translate this to a beautiful web design, a cohesive online strategy that actively and measurably works to support your success.


The hummingbird symbolises hope, love and joy, inspiring us to open our eyes and heart to the wonder of the world. This tiny bird travels enormous distances, flies backwards, forwards, sideways, up, down and hovers. It defies expectation and inspires admiration.

The Hummingbird is capable of amazing feats. It’s resilient, adaptable, courageous and determined and it epitomises the amazing clients I work with.

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream big, and go places!

I bring the magic, skill and beauty of the Hummingbird to the unique websites I create for my clients.

 Are you ready to create a stunning, professional website which works as hard as you do?