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SEO is a core component of your sites design connecting you with your audience.

Search Engine Optimisation in a nutshell:
  • SEO is at heart a marketing activity focused on putting your site in front of the greatest number of potential clients
  • SEO uses a combination of techniques and tactics to ensure that when people search for your products or services with applicable keywords it’s your brand that is most visible.
  • Google consistently captures more than 65% of the online search market so SEO work is heavily targeted towards improving your Google ranking.
  • An amazing website designed and built without significant SEO setup work, which doesn’t appear on page 1 of Google search results, is a wasted opportunity to reach your target audience and a waste of money.
Search Engine Optimisation on your site:

As part of your sites design and build, comprehensive SEO work will be performed to ensure that your site immediately ranks and is visible to your target audience.

SEO will be performed at a base site level and across each of the pages delivered to give you an optimised platform to work from.

SEO tools will be installed and you’ll be guided through how to use them so you that you can perform simple but highly effective SEO tasks on any new pages or blogs you create.

This SEO work is a one-off activity to ensure your site is working hard for you from day 1.

SEO is not one thing, and it's not a one-off activity:
No one can, or should, guarantee you a #1 Search engine ranking.  A combination of great site design, significant site optimisation and ongoing sustained effort is required to achieve and maintain a great search engine ranking.

Google doesn’t publish how their complex ranking algorithms are structured and their ranking system is continually being improved and updated.  Your competition will be continually working to improve or maintain their ranking and new players continue to enter the market.

So what must you do to ensure you remain high on page 1 of Google search engine results?

To ensure your site continues to rank high on the first page ongoing SEO work will be required.   You can employ an agency to maintain your search engine ranking - this is a costly exercise so you’ll want to be able to measure the return on investment and for most small business this is simply not a viable option.

The comprehensive effort I put into your site’s design and initial SEO will provide a solid ranking base to work from.  I provide you with the tools and knowledge so that with minimal time spent you can maintain or advance your ranking.

The process of Search Engine Optimisation on your new website includes 4 critical and interlinked componenets

Site Design

Designed and built from the ground up with SEO as a priority, your site will be highly visible to your audience as soon as it’s live.

Significant effort is invested in ensuring your site is not only engaging, stable and secure but also thoroughly optimised for Google.

Site design is a delicate balance between aesthetics and SEO and I will work with you to ensure we achieve the best outcome.

Site wide Search Engine Optimisation includes, but isn’t limited to, the following elements.

Responsive design

Contact Info


Privacy Statement

Text Navigation

Social Markup

Structured Data Markup

Site Maps

Robots File

Footer Design

Inbound Links

Outbound Links

Site Load Speed

Content Management System Configuration

Server Configuration

Anti-Spam tactics


I will walk you through this process so have an understanding of how these elements are used individually and collectively to build a solid foundation for your search engine ranking.

On Page SEO

On-page SEO is performed across the many elements of each of the individual pages of your site, so that each page ranks well.

Each of the pages delivered as part of your sites design will be optimised to give the best possible ranking and provide multiple entry points to your site.

Factors that will be optimised on a per page basis include:

Rich Snippets

Responsive design

Header Tags

Alt elements on images

Image compression

Page Load Speed

Flesch Readability score

Link Verification

SEO Friendly URL


Placement of Social Sharing Buttons

Dwell time factors

SEO Tools

Industry leading SEO tools will be integrated into your site giving you the power to manage your SEO status.

Premium SEO tools will be installed and configured to allow you to review and perform on-page SEO yourself.

SEO tools provide a powerful way to achieve a high level of on-page SEO without any coding or SEO experience required.

You can have confidence that any new content you create in the way of pages or blog posts can be optimised to a high level simply using these tools.

SEO Training

You will be empowered to maintain or improve your own ranking with easy to follow strategies and practical steps.

SEO may seem daunting and mysterious and it is complicated by the fact Google don’t publish their ranking algorithms and these continue to change regularly.

I’ve studied SEO extensively, and continue to do so, to ensure that we can create the highest possible ranking for your site.

As part of the consultation process to design your site I will create a unique and easily applicable SEO strategy.   I will provide you with straightforward guidelines to follow to achieve this strategy.

I will teach you how to use freely available online tools to check your sites SEO status so you can be confident of your results.

The combination of a unique SEO strategy and my practical guidelines will empower you to maintain your Google ranking with a small investment of time only.

Because SEO is a ground-up process SEO services are currently only offered to website design clients.  If you’d like help with SEO — sorry you’ll have to hire me to build you an awesome new website.

Are you ready to create a stunning, professional website which works as hard as you do?

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