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No jargon, no hidden costs, nothing you don’t need, just Websites which delight.


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I don't know where to start with a Website and I don't have a lot of time to invest in the process, how can you help me?

I’m so glad you asked!

My goal is to keep the process as easy as possible for you and even make it fun.  You don’t need to understand anything about the process going in - I’ll walk you through everything you need to know and I won’t use jargon.

You can talk to me directly on the phone or via skype so we can chat as much or as little as you need to feel comfortable about the process and what I’m creating for you.

Because I work with fixed price packages you don’t need to worry that any gaps in your knowledge mean you’re at risk of spending more than you’d planned or getting less than you needed.

How can I tell if you're the right Web Designer for me?

Great question.

  • I’m a small business owner myself so I understand many of the challenges you face in connecting with your target audience in meaningful ways and creating connections that ultimately lead to business.  This understanding is reflected in the way I design websites.
  • I’m an IT Geek by profession and I’m studying Graphic Design because I love it - so I bring a balance of skills to every project. You’ll get a site that functions well and looks great.
  • I take pride in delighting my clients, this goes beyond great customer service, I work to exceed your expectations - that’s always my goal.
  • I don’t think you’ll find better value anywhere in Australia - I have absolutely no hidden costs and I always work with my clients to find low cost solutions which don’t compromise on quality.
  • I have a depth and breadth of IT experience which is rare in a Web Designer and I genuinely enjoy talking to clients and working with them.

I could go on and on tooting my own horn, but it’s a bit boring and ultimately I think the best way to tell if we’re a good fit is to have a obligation free chat over the phone.

Any reason I wouldn't be the right client for you?

Well, um, actually, yes.

I intend my work to contribute positively to the world in some small way, so I’m sorry I won’t work with you if your business is in any way unethical, discriminatory, or exploits our planet or the people or creatures on it. 

Rght now that’s out of the way my only other constraints are:

  • If you need someone who’s available 24/7 to respond to your calls or emails during the design and build process I’m not currently able to do that because of my family commitments.
  • If you’re not sure what you want, even after we speak, I’d suggest you need to spend a bit more time researching what you want your website to do for your business before spending any of your budget creating one with me.
  • You’ve dabbled a bit and have half created a site but now need it finished off so that it works that way you intended and looks more polished.  I would want to start again from scratch and you might find that disappointing.

I want you to come out of this process absolutely delighted so I won’t agree to a deadline I can’t realistically meet, or a design that is poor, and I won’t talk you into something you’re not even sure you need.

How do you differ from the cheaper off-shore Web Designers?

The short answer is value for money.

Working with me you’ll almost certainly pay more upfront for a site but what you’ll get is a site that not only looks great but which authentically represents your brand and which will work to actively generate leads, sales or meet other business goals. And the upfront price is all you’l ever pay, no hidden extras or ‘optional add-ons’ needed to complete the site to the standard you’re expecting.  You’ll also get well rounded training in the form of custom videos just for you and access to my client lounge of supplimentary videos so you’ll feel confident and empowered running your site.

I take the time to work through a detailed consultation process with you to understand your brand and your online goals and work with you to determine how your website fits into your overall business strategy.  I stay in contact with you during the build and revision process so that there are no misunderstandings, miscommunications or gaps, so I can deliver a site that will exceed your expectations.  I do all of this at a fixed price,  I demystify the process and I make it fun.

An offshore Web Designer will very competently build a site for you from a pick-list of options and it’s likely to be stable and secure.  However you will need to approach the process feeling confident you know exactly what you need, ideally you’ll understand the technical terms and jargon used in web development so you know what you’re paying for, you’ll want to be very clear on how parts of your site and social media should function together, you will need optimised compressed images, tight copy and you will need to communicate your visual concept in very specific terms. You will have a limited round of revisions to address anything that’s not right and you will be charged additional fees for anything you want but didn’t initially anticipate.

If you’re looking to churn out mass produced sites to a repeating range of criteria which you’re well versed in then you could get just what you need at an affordable price with an offshore Web Designer.

If you’re looking for a bespoke site and you want someone to partner with you in the process of creating that then I’m your girl.

What's your Happy Dance guarantee all about?

I literally want you to be dancing, skipping or at least clapping your hands when you see your final site.  My guarantee to you is

  • I will stick to the agreed budget
  • I will stick to the agreed deadline
  • I will use plain English, not jargon, so you understand what’s going on at all stages in the process
  • I will make the process fun for you - we’re going to create magic together, breathe new energy into your online presence - that should be enjoyable
  • I will spend enough time consulting with you about what you need and want from your site to ensure you get exactly what you need, and them some

If after everything we’ve done together you’re not delighted with the result I will hand back your images and copy, delete the website and refund you in full.  This is built into my client contract and is legally binding.  Boom! I challenge you to find anyone else offering a 100% money back gaurantee and who actually has this backed up by their terms and conditions. 

How long does the process take?

As long as we agree!

I won’t ask you to pay your 25% deposit until we’ve agreed a deadline that you’re happy with.

This deadline will take into consideration my commitments to existing clients, including scheduled monthly maintenance windows.  Once a deadline is agreed I will always hit that target, assuming I have all your inputs on time.

Generally speaking it takes 6 weeks for consultation, design, build, testing and review before we’re ready to go live.   If you have a particulary complex site with Memberships or Shop features or more complex integratiosn it can take longer.

Sites can also be turned around much more quickly if need be and if I have the capacity to do so.

What does the process look like working together?

I work closely with a limited number of clients from the initial consultation right through to delivery so we get to know each other well and can build a collaborative and highly productive working relationship.   You will find this a very different experience to working with an off-shore provider or an agency and it’s this personal attention that most of my clients really appreciate.

I will communicate with you in your preferred way - phone, skype, email or meeting you in your office if you’re near me.

I run my projects via an online tool so that we have a single shared location for tasks, documents, images, sign-offs and anything else required to complete the project.

Click here to take a look at the process of working together


Do you work with other Specialists - Graphic Design, Copywriting etc?

Yes I I have a network of referral partners.   These are talented Australian business women who are not only amazing at what they do but who are committed to helping other business women succeed.

A great site is the result of many components and, as much as I would like to say I can wave my magic wand and do it all, I do highly reccommend using a copywriter to create really compelling copy which gets clients taking the action you want them to take and enusuring that you have an amazing Logo which not only perfectly represnets your brand but which also works well on line.  Don’t forget your Privacy Policy and Website Terms and Conditions and if you really want your product or services to shine you can’t go past your own photos in place of stock photos.

I have a select group of partners that I work with often because of the quality of their work, the service they offer to clients and their value for money.   I can connect you with this amazing group and you can work directly with them on any additional items you may need.


Hosting + Maintenance Packages

Explain Hosting...

Once you have your domain name (  you need somewhere for your site to live - this is hosting.

Your site is hosted on physical hardware somewhere in the world and when someone accesses your domain name your domain provider directs them to your Host.  Your host then loads up and presents your site.  All in the blink of an eye

Why do you use Digital Pacific?

There’s a huge range of Hosts to choose from,  a wide range of prices and varying quality in what they offer.

I’ve chosen Digital Pacific because:

  • They are Australian owned and operated and their Servers are based in Piermont in Sydney which gives the absolutely best response times for sites whith a predominantly Australian based target audience.
  • I have 24/7 access to absolutely EXCELLENT phone support.  So if ever anything goes wrong I have direct access to the Hosting provider to resolve issues.
  • I have full control of my own VPS (virtual private server) so I can allocate you exactly the space and the memory your site needs to run optimally
  • The Stability of the platform is guaranteed as is the Security of your site 
  • Solid State Drives (SSD) mean your pages are served up super quickly and caching will be enabled to further improve performance
  • No Mailbox limits -  You may have as many mail accounts as you like
  • No Site database size limits - grow your site as large as you need
Explain Maintenance...

Even the best designed sites won’t continue to run smoothly if they don’t receive regular maintenance.  Much like your brand new car, as soon as you start driving it there’s wear and tear that needs to be monitored via regular servicing.

The maintenance you may choose to pay for is a window of time I use to access your site and make updates to ensure security, stability and functionality.  I then test your site to ensure everything is still running smoothly.

Each month I’ll check Wordpress for updates as they happen on a regular basis. WordPress is like the operating system for your site and it’s being continually improved. Each time there’s a Wordpress update we have to check that all your plugins are continuing to function as expected

Each month I check all your plugins and update those that have updates available - then all plugins need to be tested again.

If I find any significant problems I discuss them with you before fixing them.

I check that your scheduled backups are running correctly so that you always have a copy of your site to restore from if anything were to go wrong.

I check your security logs for Brute Force Attacks and I black list any IP addresses trying to attack your site to futher enhance your sites security.

I check all the performance logs on my VPS to ensure that your site is not growing beyond the allocated space and that everything is running optimally.

I typically reccommend opting for 3 or 6 months of managed maintenace while you focus on learning how to get the most out of your site, promoting it and dealing with the increased visiablity your new site brings you.  After that time you might like to take on the maintenance task yourself.

All my clients receive a training video and documentation on how to run their own site maintenance so that they are completely empowered to manage this extra task themself. You can view that documentation in the Client Lounge 

Explain Support...

Support and Maintenance should not be confused - but they often are.

Using the new car as a metaphor we can think of maintenance like the service you would periodically receive on that car at the dealership.  Maintenance like servicing is largely a preventative exercise to ensure you don’t run into problems. Maintenance is performed on the site as it was handed over to you, anything you’ve added since is not covered by maintenance.

Support is what you need if you do run into issues.   Because I deliver stable and secure sites and I perform regular Maintenance (if you’ve chosen that option) you shouldn’t run into issues.  If you do I can perform troubleshooting to determine the cause of the issue and then discuss with you:

  • If the issues has occurred because of something you’ve changed I can advise you how to resolve the issue yourself or charge you an hourly Support rate to resolve the issue for you
  • If the issue is just user error rather than a technical problem I can walk you through that so it doesn’t happen again and if I don’t already have one I’ll add a knowledge base article to the Client Lounge to help others
  • If the issue is just one of those things that happens as WordPress and Plugins occasionally come into conflict I can advise you how to resolve the issue yourself or charge you an hourly Support rate to resolve the issue for you.  
Explain Warranty...

When your site is delivered and goes live it will move into Warranty Phase for 1 month, during this time I will resolve ASAP any issues you discover.

Of course my sites are robust, stable, secure, well designed and will have undergone usability testing and have been reviewed and signed-off by you before they go live so there shouldn’t be any problems.

However the warranty provides a safety net so that if there are any problems that weren’t fully tested or picked up during your review process it will be quickly resolved for you at no extra cost.

I'm on a budget - can I skip maintenance?

It’s not uncommon for different plugins to come into conflict with updates in versions and your site can very quickly get out of date if not maintained monthly.  Maintenance must be done but you can manage this task yourself if you’re willing to do some learning and invest 1-3 hours per month.

I completely understand the need to limit all non-essential costs so I have created a detailed training video and documentation on how to run your own site maintenace so that you are completely empowered to manage this task yourself. You can view that documentation now in the Client Lounge 

I typically reccommend opting for 3 or 6 months of managed maintenance while you focus on learning how to get the most out of your site, promoting it and dealing with the increased visiablity your new site brings you.  After that time, when you’re comfortable with your site, you might like to take on the extra maintenance task yourself.

Do you only build sites hosted by DreamHost?

That’s right.

I don’t build sites on any other Hosts - to do so would increase my labour during both the build and maintenance stages and I wouldn’t be able to offer the extremely competitive prices I do.

Who provides support for my Hosting?

I do -  via Digital Pacifi.  The Hosting account is in my company name so any questions or concerns with hosting I  can usually resolve or I will work with Digital Pacific to resolve for you.  I use Digital Pacific because of their excellent reliablity, security and stability and because they offer great support so I don’t anticipate that you would ever observe an issue with Hosting.


Paying for your site

When's my first payment due?

I require a 50% deposit on all work to schedule that in to begin. At this time we agree a deadline for delivery of your work.

When is final payment due?

Full payment is due before your new site goes live.

You will have ample time to review and sign-off on your site before paying the balance and your site has a 1 month warranty from time of go-live during which time I will resolve ASAP any issues you encounter.

Do you do payment plans?

Yes I can and we can speak about that.

Will you really give me a 100% refund if I don't like my site?

Yes I will.

My legally binding client contract includes a 100% money back gaurantee.  I am so confident in my work that I offer this gaurantee to all my clients.

I don’t want any of my clients to ever walk away less than absolutely delighted.  I know you work hard on your business and I’ll work equally hard on your behalf to ensure you think your new site was a good investment.

I will speak with you at length during the consultation stage to ensure I’ve understood your expectations correctly and I will try to steer you away from any decisions that I think you will be unhappy with.  This should be enough to enable me to deliver a great site that you love.

I want you to love your site and tell everybody you know what an amazing job I did for you, bringing me a steady stream of new work. That’s a win for both of us.


Content supplied by you, the Client

What if I don't have photos I love?

That’s easily sorted.

I can point you in the direction of a sites with great royalty free photos at no cost and there are other places you can shop for really fresh and unique stock photos (that don’t feel like stock photos) for as little as $30 per photo.

Find photos you really love on Instagram or Flicker and contact the photographers to see if they will sell your their images for use on your site- most will and you’ll end up with something really special that way.

You might not need as many great images as you think either.  We can take different slices of the same photo, apply overlays or change the colours and make your hero images go a long way.

Or if you have the budget I have an amazing photographer who can take stunning product shots or beauitiful images to represent your services and brand.

I don't have a brand style sheet - now what?

A style sheet is infinitely helpful - it keeps us coming back to a single set of fonts, colours, images, patterns which represent your brand in a way that is appealing and authentic.

If you haven’t been through the process of creating your brands visual identity I would highly recommend doing that - either with me or a graphic designer.  Your site will be stronger and better looking as a result.

Can you just grab my content from my old site?

I could but I don’t do that.

I’m going to give you some guidelines for your copy which will help ensure optimal readability and contribute positively to search engine optimisation.  You can always tweak your copy later but it’s worth getting it 90% right at the outset so your new site is something that really works for you.

If I were to search around and grab your content to copy across from an old site with what will likely be a different structure the risk of me making a mistake is high and the time required is also high which would push my prices up.

Would you believe I don't have a logo yet?

Oh no!

A logo is such a starting point for getting the rest of your website right. I always recommend people have their logo before starting their website.

Again there’s a range of budget options to solve this problem

  • I can create you a typographic logo - simply your business name in a font that represents your style - this might be an acceptable interim solution.
  • Check out “customised logos” on Etsy - for as little as $50 you can get a beautiful and professional looking logo created - it won’t be unique but may work again as an interim option
  • I work with 2 different amazing graphic designers who can create fantastic logos which will give your business a unique and professional edge or even an animated Logo if that’s what your business needs.
What if I don't have a Privacy Policy ?

The Privacy Policy is a legal document and I’m not qualified to produce or review one for you but I work with an excellent lawyer who can produce a customised Privacy Policy at a very reasonable price.

If you search around you might even find free examples on line but make sure they specific to your state and current.

What if I don't have a Terms of Use Policy?

You are not required by law to have a Terms of Use Policy but in the event of a dispute or any litigation is does provide you with a level of protection and so it’s advisable to have one.

As the Terms of Use Policy is a legal document I’m not qualified to produce or review one for you but I work with an excellent lawyer who can produce a customised Website Terms of Use for you.  

I think I'll need Graphic Design help, do you provide that.

I can provide limited graphic design help.

I’m studying Graphic Design and I have a good eye for colour, balance, style so I can certainly help you create a cohesive and attractive look if you’re starting with great images.  I work in Photoshop and can competently create custom graphic elements andicons to give your site that truly bespoke apearance.

If you need something really special or specialised you would probably get a better result working with an experienced Graphic Designer.

Have a look at my Referral Partners as I know some very talented Graphic Designers

I might need Copywriting help, do you provide that.

I can provide limited Copywriting help.

I can help you identify your unique value proposition, you key messages and points of difference and the tone that suits your audience.

If you need to create really engaging and compelling content designed to get your audience to take action or if you’re struggling to articulate your story, your point of view, your unique offering, you’d be better off talking to a professional Copywriter.

Have a look at my Referral Partners as I work closely with a very talented Copywriter.

Will you help with Social Media Marketing?

Yes I can certainly help in this area.   I can help you formulate a Social Media strategy and integrate that with your website design.

However if you’re looking for a complete Social Media Marketing campaign then you’re better off speaking to someone who specialises in this area.

Have a look at my Referral Partners as I know some very talented Social Media Marketers.


All about Themes

Why do you use Themes?

One word - cost.

There’s no way I could offer the prices I do if every site was designed from scratch.  The number of hours involved in the process of design, build and testing of a completely custom site would be more than double the price of a Small Business Siite based on a theme.

I think the other advantages of using Themes are:

  • You get far more thorough, varied and repeated testing of a theme than we could ever do on a custom design site - so you know your base is robust
  • Each one has been recently designed by a Graphic Designer - so visually they look great and promote user engagement
  • Sites based on Themes can be completed quickly
  • With a Theme you have a really good idea of what you’re getting before work begins, there’s far less likelihood of mismatched expectations than with custom designed sites
  • Themes can be endlessly customised - so no two sites based on the same theme should be recognisably similar

I would suggest that you’re better to spend your money updating your website every 2 years with a new theme rather than investing a lot in a customised design thinking it will take you forward for 5+ years. Website design trends and the way we interact online with our customers changes rapidly and to remain competitive we need to keep up-to-date with those changes. If you’re tracking ROI you need to factor in how often you want to redesign your website, I would plan for a maximum 3 years to make a return on your investment in your site.

Won't my site look like others based on the same Theme?

No - it really wont.

I will customise colour, fonts, images, and background patterns to ensure you get something that feels unique.

I can also play with layout, add more call to action buttons and even introduce some animated hover effects. We can use animated counters, speech bubbles, calendars and a whole lot of cool features that add functionality and create engagement. All this can be discussed in the consultation process.

I would be so bored doing the same thing over and over, I strive to create something unique each time.

Do these Themes really look equally good on all platforms?

Absolutely yes!

Not only will everything resize correctly across Mobile, Tablet and Desktop but the layout will continue to make sense when shrunk to a single column.

I view and test every single page of your site on multiple devices before completing it, to ensure you’re getting the same great user experience from any device.

If I want to switch Themes half way through a project can I do that?


Unfortunately through I will need to charge you for the hours I spent customising your Theme which will now be wasted.

I think a much better option is to really spend time playing with the Theme demos so you’re certain of your choice before we begin work.

When will you have more Themes?
Every week new Themes are being offered and there are so many to choose from it’s more likely you’ll have difficulty narrowing your choice than finding one you like.
Is there anything I can't do with these Themes?

Not that I’ve found yet!

With custom CSS code we can do just about anything to get your Theme looking and working exactly the way you need it to.


Starter Sites

Can I have that cool parallax scrolling effect on my Starter Site?


Just because it’s a single page site doesn’t mean you miss out on any of the key features which make contemporary sites so engaging

Can I have video's on my Starter Site?

No problem.

Video’s need to be hosted elsewhere - YouTube or Vimeo - I’ll embed them in such a way that they play on your site without taking the user back to the source.

Can I manage my own Starter Site

Yes you can.

I will provide you with a login for your site and you will be able to edit the content and change most things.

When my business grows can I upgrade to a Small Business site?

Unfortunately we need to start again.

Your single page site has been designed with a specific user experience in mind - we keep the user engaged and scrolling for all information in a very linear fashion.

When you’re ready to move to a multi-page site you’re talking about a very different user experience, one where we need to send people off to different places for products/services/information and where we layout the pages quite differently to create an ideal user experience.

We can create a new larger site in parallel and when you’re ready move seamlessly across to that site - retaining the same website address and search engine ranking and with no disruption to your clients.

What if I want to break up with you & take my site elsewhere?


No problem.  If you ever want to move on this is how we do it:

  1. Cancel the Maintenance and Support Contract on your site
  2. You site and all it’s data, settings, theme, plugins (absolutely everything you need) would be exported and provided to your new Site Admin
  3. Once your new Site Admin had imported your site to their web servers I would redirect your site to them so that it becomes live with them.
  4. I would then have no further involvement with your site
  5. The cost of this separation is $150 which covers all the work involved in the transfer.

In the plain English contract we sign at the beginning of our working relationship it is made clear that you are the sole owner of your site, all it’s content, images and data.

In offering you a Hosting + Maintenance package I am acting as a service provider and have no rights to your site.

What is the process to create a Starter Site

Have a look at here to get an idea of the process to create you new Website


Small Business Sites

Am I limited in the number of pages I can have on my site?


The hosting package  with DreamHost places no restriction on your database size meaning you can grow from 10 pages to 100 without any issues.

The package cost for a Small Business Site is for me to build you a site with 6 pages only.  I will create a customised user guide for your site which will walk you through creating additional page and adding them to your navigation links. Even if you’ve never done this before you’ll be able follow my user guide and extend your own site.

If you’re not feeling confident about adding to your site yourself book in for some 1-1 coaching with me and I coach you how to do that, I think this is a better option than paying an hourly rate for a Web Designer to make updates if you’re on a strict budget.

If your business would benefit more from having your focus rather than making website updates you can choose to employ me to make ongoing changes for you to build out your site as your business grows.

If I want to hire you to make changes in future what does that cost?

If you would rather spend your time working on your business than your website then I would be very happy to make changes to your site in future as your business grows.

I charge a flat rate of $75 p/h for this work.

The process is simple, you complete a template for works required and I quote you for a realistic number of hours to deliver that work.  If you approve we proceed.

Can I employ someone else to make changes to my site going forward?

Of course - it’s your site.

However once someone else has Admin rights on your site I can no longer offer my maintenance and support package to you.

Our plain English contract deals with this scenario and outlines that we would:

  • Cancel the Maintenance and Support Contract on your site
  • You site and all it’s data, settings, theme, plugins (absolutely everything you need) would be exported and provided to your new Site Admin
  • Once your new Site Admin had imported your site to their web servers I would redirect your site to them so that it becomes live with them.
  • I would then have no further involvement with your site
  • The cost of this separation is $150 which covers all the work involved in the transfer.
What if I have tiny changes that need to be made but I can't make them?

If you have small changes you need made on your site and you don’t feel confident making them yourself I may be able to do these as part of your maintenance window.

This is not technically part of my offering but within reason I’m happy do a little extra for my clients.

Can I extend this site at a later date or will I need to start all over again?
Your site will be built on a powerful and flexible framework so there really is no limit to what you can do with it in the future as you identify additional needs.
What is the process to create a Small Business Site


Big Time Sites

How much does a Big Time site cost?

If the fixed price packages offered don’t meet your requirements and you’d like something with additional functionality like integrated e-commerce then I will provide a custom quote for you.

That quote will be inclusive of  all the agreed requirements and there will be no hidden costs or optional extras suggested at a later date.

What's the process for creating a Big Time Site?

A broad outline of the process is as below,  I have a more detailed workflow I can email you and which we can discuss if you’re interested in finding out more about creating a custom site with me.

  1. Initial Consultation and Requirements gathering to define the scope of your works
  2. High Level quote based on your specific requirements
  3. On acceptance of the quote a deposit is paid to proceed with work
  4. Client contracts and welcome pack provided to you outlining the process and our working relationship in more detail but wihtout th use of legal or technical jargon
  5. Detailed requirements gathering to really refine exactly what you need and discuss the specifics of site design and agree how to measure the productivity of your new site
  6. You provide all you content and images, and details for social media and MailChimp integration
  7. Scope of works is provided with a visual outline of all the pages required (Wireframe)
  8. Signoff is provided by you to confirm the scope of works is correct and a timeline is agreed
  9. Website design and build work begins
  10. Website is provided to you for round 1 review and usability testing
  11. You confirm all the revisions you would like on the site and provide feedback from usability testing
  12. Website design is updated to reflect round 1 revisions
  13. Website is provided to you for review and sign-off - during this stage minor alterations can be made
  14. You provide sign-off that the website accurately reflects the scope of works agreed and meets your expectations
  15. Happy Dance!
  16. You pay the balance upon completion of works and you site goes live.
  17. Website moves into warranty phase for 1 month - during this time any issues/errors/typo’s or faults of any kind can be raised and will be resolved ASAP
  18. After 1 month Website moves into Maintenance phase for ongoing support and maintenance
  19. We continue to remain in contact to ensure you remain happy with the performance of your site
Is there anything I can't have in a custom site?

No - anything you can envision I should be able to deliver.

I enjoy a challenge and love learning new things so even if you see something that almost no one else is doing yet we can give it a crack.  I will always be realistic with you about what I can build/code and where my limitations are, if there is any new learning involved for me that will be on my time not yours.


DIY Websites

My budget is really tight - couldn't I just do this myself with WIX?

Yes - yes you could!

WIX is really innovative and has some very professional looking templates  so it is possible to create a great looking, functional site at a low cost.

Some criticisms of WIX you need to consider are that the sites often load slowly due to the underlying platform, you will need to pay for a premium plan to avoid having a load of WIX advertising on your pages, Search Engine Optimisation is not great so it might be more difficult for your target audience to find you online, many of the WIX templates are built with Flash rather than HTML5 and these sites won’t display at all for many mobiles users.

The main thing you need to consider is the cost of your time.  It’s not rocket science anymore to create a working site that looks nice and it won’t take 100’s of hours. However if you want a really professional looking site with the all features that you expect from the market leaders and you want to rank high on Google search results you probably will need to invest 100’s of hours to learn the skills to take you site from good to GREAT.

But if money is really tight don’t let that hold you back - start with WIX - give it a bash - test out your market and see what works - then when you’ve made some actual profit and you want to take your site to the next level come back to me and I’d be thrilled to help you achieve your your vision.


All the legal stuff

What's your Privacy Policy?
You can check it out here
What are your Website's Terms of Use?

You can check out the Terms of Use for this Website here.

The Terms of Use of the Website cover use of the Website only and do not apply to any products or services for which I charge a fee.  These items are covered by my Client Contract.

Can I see a copy of your Client Contract?
Absolutely - get in touch with me and I’d be very happy to send you my plain English contract and we can talk through it together.
Will I need a Privacy Policy or Terms of Use for my own Website?


It’s a legal requirement that your website provides a Privacy Policy and it’s highly recommended that your website also provides a Terms of Use document.

There are many ways to have these documents created for you at varying price points.  I can offer some suggestions on how you might like to approach this for your own website.



Do you realise this is the longest FAQ ever?


I’m a detail kind of a girl - a trait you will come to value in your Web Designer.

Where are you actually based?

I’m in Melbourne but my clients are from all over.

It does help with communication and keeping things moving if we’re roughly in the same time zone, but as long as we can find some time to speak directly that’s ok.

If you’re in Melbourne we can meet in person for the consultation process which is always nice.

Are you ready to create a stunning, professional website which works as hard as you do?

To schedule a FREE call to discuss your needs please leave me your number and I'll give you a call back, usually within 24 hours.

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