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I love what I do and my clients inspire me


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Hello.  I’m Penny Lough, owner of Hummingbird Design, and I’m not your typical Web Designer.

I’m a wife and mum who lives in Melbourne and after 20 years working in IT I’ve recently left my corporate career to create more balance for my family and to pursue something I’m passionate about.

My passion is empowering other women to utilise technology to help them achieve their wildest business dreams. I create amazing hard working websites that are as unique as the inspiring clients I work with.

I encourage you to demand more from you website, more wow, more engagement with clients, a more authentic representation of your brand, more revenue generated and more bang for your buck.

That’s where I come in - my passion is making your business shine online

I get enormous satisfaction from helping other business women tap the potential of their brand.  My consultation process starts by focusing on your unique value proposition, what is it that makes your business shine, why do your clients love you and what is it that keeps you going.  Translating this to a beautiful web design, a cohesive and recognisable social media presence and an online strategy that actively and measurably works to support your success is my passion.

If you’re reading this chances are you have a Website which looks lovely but is doing nothing to support your business or you need a website and you’re not sure where to start

You’re probably worried about what it will cost, what additional items will come up that you hadn’t budgeted and if your business will ever see a return on your investment.

You might be nervous about how much time it will take, unsure what will be required of you during the process and whether you’ll have the time or skills to maintain your new site going forward.

Ultimately, you don’t want to end up with a Website you wish you’d done differently or that you’re anything less than delighted with.

You’re not alone. Hummingbird Design is your secret ally to help you get it right.

Each new website project is the beginning of a ongoing business relationship - a partnership with my client which lasts for the lifetime of their website.

I work in collaboration with my clients to support their business online, to give them back the time to focus on the work they love and to help them realise their business goals.

I offer fixed prices so there are never any nasty surprise and I have many suggestions to market your business online at no cost.

I make the process easy and streamlined and I empower my clients with the knowledge and tools that gives them real ownership of their site.

I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re anything less than thrilled with your new site because I genuinely care about my clients

I provide the knowledge, guidance and support you need, to save you time, money and stress and ensure you get a Website that works as hard as you do.

I’ve worked in a range of senior IT roles in large corporates; banks, law firms, media, for nearly 20 years so I have a breadth and depth of IT experience which is unusual in a Web Designer.

My experience includes; Project Management, Business Analysis, Risk Management, Change Management, Managing Operational & Project Teams, Desktop Support, Application Integration, Internet and Intranet, Networking, Infrastructure, and lots more…

I’m also a small business owner with a limited marketing budget so I rely heavily on generating leads online via social media platforms and my own website.  I know how to make these platforms work to drive traffic to your website.

I always exploring new ways to reach and connect with more clients online with the least advertising spend and minimal investment of time.

I focus heavily on Search Engine Optimisation to get your site in front of the greatest number of potential clients


You can rely on my expertise to create a stable, secure, reliable and high functioning website and to maintain that for you.

You can depend on me to keep you updated with new ways to connect online with your client base so that they way you use your website evlolves as technology and user behaviour online evolves.


You can trust me to find the lowest cost solutions which will deliver the greatest value. 

The hummingbird symbolises hope, love and joy, inspiring us to open our eyes and heart to the wonder of the world.  This tiny bird travels enormous distances, flys backwards, forwards, sideways, up, down and hovers. It defies expectation and inspires admiration.

The Hummingbird is capable of amazing feats, resilient, adaptable, courageous and determined and it epitomises the amazing clients I work with.


Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream big, and go places!

Hummingbird Design is a small business providing affordable services and ongoing personal attention to small business clients.

I bring the magic, skill and beauty of the Hummingbird to the unique websites I create for my clients.

If you’ve got this far, we’re going to be great friends.

I can’t wait to guide and support you.

Are you ready to create a stunning, professional website which works as hard as you do?

To schedule a FREE call to discuss your needs please leave me your number and I'll give you a call back, usually within 24 hours.

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